This symbol means that textile articles can be cleaned in an aqueous bath. More generally, the washtub symbolises the domestic washing treatment (by hand or machine).

The number placed inside the washtub indicates the maximum temperature in degree celsius for machine wash

The hand placed in the washtub means hand wash only.

The washtub can also be underlined (one bar or two bars) to warn the user that a mild or very mild treatment must be used. 

Washing Instructions

Chlorine Based Bleaching

The triangle with Cl inside indicates that the bleaching process (chlorine process) is possible.

Washing instructions


Dots placed within the symbols (1, 2 or 3 dots) indicate the maximum temperature in degrees celsius for ironing textile articles.


Dry Cleaning

Letters (A, P and F) in the circle refer to the solvents which may be used by dry cleaners.

Underlining the circle indicates that a specific process should be used (mild process with strict limitations on the addition of water and/or mechanical action and/or temperature during cleaning and/or drying).

In this case, self-service cleaning is not allowed. 

Tumble Dry

Tumble Dry

The tumble drying symbol (a circle in a square) must be completed by one or two dots for two different levels of temperature.

Tumble Dry